Zombies Staff app

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Zombies Staff app

Post by zombiekill34 on Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:24 pm

In Game Name:zombiekill34

Steam Name:zombiekill34

Steam ID(SteamFinderID):


Type Of Server:fallout rp

Any Mental illnesses:No

Why Should You Be Staff (250 characters min ):Well first i love working with people I've had experience as a mod on a different server and I loved it I will always be on when I can I will never break any rules i will always do as I'm told i love building and making other things taking stuff apart I've had some experience with fixing computer and server problems I can always do my best I'm always on every day and if I'm not i will tell you why i love meeting new people to talk to and be friends with i never tell secrets that I shouldn't tell im always on duty whenever someone needs me im never rude to anyone unless its for fun I'm always ready to try my best and do everything i can if anyone needs to talk I'm​ always ready if its personal I​ will listen all the way through I'm​ always ready to take on a hard challenge

​Any Additional Comments:Nope


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Re: Zombies Staff app

Post by fasa12343 on Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:28 pm


Welcome to the team

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